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Raptorshield has made me feel safer walking my yorkie in the forest preserve. It was easy to use and doesn't seem to bother my dog, Snickers at all. Thanks
-Lisa, Illinois

Thank you for coming up with such a great Idea, I feel so much comfort knowing that my little dog has this protection on her. Seems like these Hawks are everywhere and are so fast that my dog would not have a chance. But most of all she doesn't mind wearing it, it's like she knows, or maybe it's just me.
-Jimmy, Medinah, IL

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Raptor Shield has a goal to help protect your dog or other small animal against birds of prey, hawks, owls, or other animals. Our vest is the first line of defense against many predator attacks aimed at harming your pet. Protect your pet now! Order Raptor Shield and lesson the damage a hawk, owl, or other bird of prey can cause.