Below are some answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know It Will Work?

Raptor Shield has been examined by a professional Naturalist at our local Forest Preserve District. It was determined that the talons of a Hawk and/or any other Raptor would not be able to penetrate the Raptor Shield material, and injure the dog. Raptor Shield’s colors are a deterrent to hawks and other birds of prey.

What Does It Do?

Raptor Shield was designed to protect small dogs from Coyotes, Hawks, Raptors, and all other birds of prey. It works by preventing a bird of prey’s talons from puncturing the skin. Typically birds will latch onto the prey with its talons and fly away. With this in mind, Raptor Shield prevents the talons from puncturing the skin, which prevents the birds from flying away with your beloved animal.

Will Raptor Shield Protect Against Other Predators (like coyotes)?

Raptor Shield was designed to protect small dogs from Hawks, Owls, and other Birds of Prey, but can also help provide some protection against other animal attacks like coyotes. Raptor Shield buys your pet time and a chance to escape anytime an animal Attacks the body of your pet, increasing chances of survival.

What is Raptor Shield Made Of?

Raptor Shield is constructed with polycarbonate plastic, which is the same type material used to make bullet proof windows. Raptor Shield is designed to be breathable for keeping your dogs cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

When Should My Dog Wear It?

We recommend that your dog wear our Raptor Shield anytime they are outside, or exposed to the elements. Raptor Shield was developed to be comfortable, and breathable for your dog, this should allow your dog to wear the shield comfortably for long periods of time.

How Much Should My Dog Wear It?

Raptor Shield was designed to be very comfortable for everyday use when walking your dog or leaving them unattended outside.

Should I Be Worried About Hawks or Owls Attacking My Small Dog?

As we continue to interfere with natural habitats, the likelihood of a attack by a bird on your small dog, continues to rise. Often these birds are very territorial of their nests, and/or killed prey. The number of reported bird attacks on dogs has continued to rise over the years, as birds of prey are moving into suburban area’s in-search of food.